Infomycity was founded in France in the Sophia-Antipolis area, what is called the European Silicon Valley, that is the area that goes from Nice to Antibes. We are Europeans and here we want to stay to work, grow and innovate.





Classic and Traditional Dating for Every Nation of the World

Infomylove was born to get out of the usual, reductive and unique method of researching the Like-Dislike In InfoMyLove only real people and if online visible by distance or on the map. Search, choose and find love or friends in your area or around the world. You will only meet Real people, who truly match their expectations and you meet theirs. If you are looking for Love, a Relationship, a Flirt or Friends, find it with InfoMyLove. Sign up today using the search around you or around the world. With InfoMyLove you could just find a flirt or find the person to live your love story with!

Private chat

You can chat, send photos and videos live or make a video call. To ensure privacy, you can cancel part or all of the chat at any time and for both.

View on the map

With Infomylove you can search for people all over the world, and through the map you will know exactly where to look and where to find them. In addition to seeing the locals you'll also see visitors like you looking for knowledge or love.


Through the section InfoMyCity, you will be able to see all the places of the Nigthlife, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Wine Bars, Pubs around you and all over the world; you will be able to see all the detailed information of the place, photos/video events and promotions and if you are near, you will be able to locate yourself inside it and look for meetings inside the place.


Different Dating



We are the ONLY dating application INDIFFERENTLY dedicated to different types of people: to the whole LGBTQ community, but also to Single and Single Heterosexuals, to Transsexuals, Transvestites and Drag Queens and also to All types of Couples.

Through us you will feel comfortable and safe in meeting someone, making friends, hanging out with new people and enjoying the fun!

If you are open to trying new things in dating and relationships, Different Dating is the place for you. Whether you're looking for a new friend or a date, Different Dating is the place to be. When you sign up, you can identify yourself as Male, Female, Transsexual, Transvestite-Drag Qeen or Couple (MF, FF, MM) and search for what you want according to your tastes, around you or around the world.

With a single subscription you will have two profiles: a REAL profile and a GHOST profile with another nickname. The two profiles will be completely distinct and in no way will there be the possibility of associating them.

Select your profile, set your preferences. From your current position, you can find people who are simultaneously looking for someone like you. You will see the photos, the complete profile and you will see on the map exactly where they are or the distance from your location.

You can chat, send photos and videos live or make a video call. To ensure privacy, you can cancel part or all of the chat at any time and for both.

With Different Dating you can search for people all over the world, through the map you will know exactly where to look and where they are. In addition to seeing the locals you will also see visitors like you looking for new friends and girlfriends.

Through the Location section of InfoMycity, you can see all the premises; Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Bars, Cruising Bars, Sports Centers, Beaches, Spas and Saunas, around you and around the world. See all the detailed information of the venue, photos / videos of events and promotions, And if you find yourself close to freezing, locate yourself and look for encounters in the place where you are.

Different Dating guarantees maximum confidentiality and privacy, with the various visibility options, you will be visible only to whoever you want and only when you decide.


Infomycity and InfoMyCity Manager are free applications available for iOS and Android. InfoMyCity allows you to find, all over the world, all the places dedicated to social life and sorted by type. Discover, look, search, find and book: all types of restaurants, pubs, lounge bars, clubs, wine bars, night clubs, hotels, bathing establishments and spas. With InfoMycity Manager, the professional customer will have an innovative way to stay in touch with their customers, promote events and receive reservations.

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Reservations can be made in real time and it will be possible to chat with your customers. Initiatives and events informations are forwarded directly to the customer and displayed in the App as push notifications, even when it is closed. Inform customers about your initiatives, send and receive messages directly in chat, receive and accept reservations, deposits and payments with all credit cards or Bitcoin has never been so simple and immediate.

Delivery and Take Away

Infomycity is the right app for the entrepreneur who does not want to give money away.

With Infomycity you will pay only 3% commission and nothing else.

Zero registration, subscription and marketing costs, you can promote your business, discounts and events.
Your customers will be able to order lunch and dinner at home online.
Affiliate Infomycity, download Infomycity Manager and start saving tons of money.
Any activity that practices Delivery and Take Away can be registered from Italy, Europe or any part of the world.
A great opportunity to increase turnover, from Infomycity Manager you can create the multilingual Digital Price List with photos, prices, description, ingredients and allergens.

The customized Digital Menu will always be editable at any time.
Infomycity is accessible from the iOS and Android app and from the website by clicking on the Map (Infomycity Manager only from the iOS and Android app), it allows you to order your food delivery in a few simple clicks, by entering the delivery address,
Infomycity is a simple and intuitive application from the Food Delivey section, select the one you prefer among Pizza, Sushi, Hamburger, Pokè, Kebab and Panini.
You can read and consult user reviews on partner restaurants, and pay in 3 different ways, cash on delivery, credit card and PayPal
Please note that Infomycity does not have Rider. You will have to make deliveries with your Rider, but this is also the method to get more profits.


Infomycity allows the owners of all types of Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Wine bars and many other commercial activities to accept reservations and orders. The customer will find his ideal place for every occasion, he will be able to view the menu, photos and special promotions taking advantage of the exclusive information available on our application.

Through our messenger you can chat directly with the chosen venue. View all information, ratings / reviews, images and features. Digital menu and QR code. Delivery and Take-away module

Night Life

In addition to all the features described so far, all the premises and the NighLife will have a marketing module available from which they can:

  • Create and advertise events with videos and photos
  • Advance ticket sales online
  • Accept payments and deposits on reservations
  • Create a profile of repeat customers
  • Manage entrances and lists via QR codes
  • From the marketing module you can have many statistics, such as age, gender. Area of origin, type of menu chosen. Average spend per customer.
  • You can send promotional messages to single users or groups
  • With our App. Manager, you can manage all your business and it will also work off-line and on multiple devices at the same time.

In addition, through our Dating Apps, customers will be able to locate themselves in the club and look for friends.

Work with us

In Infomycity we have a truly unique and innovative way to choose our collaborators. This is why we call ourselves World Vanguard Group. Our philosophy on the subject is very particular, but the goal has always been to encourage the development and growth of our society, in which the most talented people will be able to try to reach their maximum potential with us in the fastest way. possible.

We are proud to have managed to start "a dream" the result of this journey will be everything to become, but we are dreamers and we only dream big

We believe the dream is the best form of motivation, so if you think you are useful in our journey you are welcome.

We will not be able to pay you like our big competitors, we have just left and with only personal funds, but you will have the opportunity to participate and perhaps be part of a journey together with dreamers. What matters is your value, what you think you are worth, to be and to be useful in our journey. We do not care about your experience, age, ethnicity, sex, your appearance or other similar things, or where you live, we are interested in your competence, your ideas, your dreams and aspirations.

If it seems interesting to you, if you are a competent dreamer get involved and travel with us.

If you have an idea or a project, a dream of any nature, contact us, we will be happy to listen to you and if your idea will meet expectations, we will try to develop it.

If you think you are useful, it does not matter in which job, as digital advertising, testimonial, influencer or publich relations, contact us.

In particular, we are looking for programmers to work alongside our developer, web design, IT experts, we are looking for secretaries who speak perfectly English, French and Italian.

At the moment, not having an adequate operational headquarters, we rely almost exclusively on smart working.

We are looking for our future operational headquarters, in the Sophia-Antipolis area, what is called the European Silicon Valley, that is the area that goes from Nice to Antibes. We are Europeans and here we want to stay to work, grow and innovate.If you are interested contact us

Invest and believe in us

The projects just made and those to become illustrated here are just some of our ideas and formats already registered.

If you are a private investor, a business angel, a venture capital or institutional investor, or a company, contact us we will be happy to discuss and hear your proposals.

But don't let us waste our time, contact us if you really have big dreams and prospects.

Email us at